Overview: This article will introduce the steps to set up a Foscam HD camera to send alarm email during alarm events.

Note: Login to the camera webpage first via a computer and a properly configured web browser. Be sure to disable any pop up blockers that are running on the browser otherwise this procedure may not work.

Step 1: Setup the email service settings.
•    Before applying the following settings for the email configuration verify that the email account to be used is setup for SMTP settings. Obtain the SMPT server settings, SMPT port settings and document the TLS information.
•    Open the link to see common email provider settings here: http://www.foscam.com/Faqs/view/id/51.html
•    After logging into the homepage for the camera navigate the web browser to the Settings -> Network -> Mail Settings.
•    Enter the appropriate information for the Sender, Receiver, SMPT Server, SMPT Port, Transport Layer Security (TLS) SMTP Username (same as sender) and SMPT Password (Email password) and Sender Email.
•    Once completed be sure to click the “Save” button to save the changes/updates to the configuration before clicking “Test”

Technical Note: To verify that the test is successful verify that a test email was sent to the email inbox of the Receiver Email Account. Also, the Sent folder of the Sender email account can be checked in the event a Spam filter stops delivery of the message.

Step 2: Setup the Motion Alarm Trigger Settings
Navigate to Settings -> Alarm -> Motion Detection
1)    Check the “Enable” Option -> 2) Choose “Send E-mail” for the alarm action
2)    Set the Detection Area
3)    Set the Schedule
4)    Do not forget to click “Save” after the settings are completed.

Note: Do not forget to click on “Save” after you finish settings.If a motion triggered event is tripped the camera will log an alarm event and email it to the email account. DO NOT forget to set the alarm schedule (red indication); verify the camera’s time is correct and DO NOT forget to set the alarm area otherwise no alarm trigger events will ever occur.