Overview: This artical will introduce the steps login to a Foscam HD camera for the first time using Windows and MacOS.


For all new Foscam cameras and NVR's from 2021 onward Foscam no-longer supports web browsers, for setup or viewing on a PC or Mac please use our "Video Management Software"

Note: If this is the first time the camera is being logged into please follow the links below for the appropriate web browser before proceeding to install the proper web browser plugin.
For how to install the plug-in on Windows computer, please see here
For how to install the plug-in on MAC computer, please see here
1.(Skip this step if the camera is already configured and verified as connected to the network.) Apply power to the camera and connect it to the router via an ethernet cable.
2.Verify that the camera and the computer are connected to the same network.
Step 1: Download and install the Equipment Search Tool (skip this step of the software is already installed)
Official download site: http://www.foscam.com/download-center/software-tools.html
Note: Two tools are available one for Windows based computers and one for MacOS
Step 2: Run the Equipment Search Tool software on the computer.
Any Foscam cameras connected to the network will be displayed in the Window.
Note the IP Address of the camera that is to be configured.
Note:  On a Windows based computer be sure to disable any virtual network drivers that may be installed. They will interfere with the Equipment Search Tool and prevent it from accessing the LAN. If you are unable to see any Foscam products check for these drivers under the Device Manager.
This type of driver is installed by Oracle Virtual Box.
Double clicking on the IP address of the camera will open the default web browser. On a Windows based computer be sure that Microsoft Edge, IE, Chrome or Firefox is used. On MacOS be sure to use Safari. Disable any Pop Up Blockers that may be running or it will interfere with the interface to the camera.

Step 3: If manually launching a web browser enter the IP address and port number for the camera.
From the example above to login to the FN3109H camera enter the following line.
Press the Enter key.
The login page for the camera should appear on the browser window.
Enter the username and password for the camera. If this is the first time the camera is being logged into the default username is Admin followed by a blank password. During a first-time login situation, you will be prompted to enter a new username and password for the camera. Be sure to notate this information somewhere for future reference.

Step 4: Continue to configure or use the camera as desired.