Foscam Camera can only support micro SD card with FAT32 format excpet X1/X2/C2M supports both FAT32 and exFAT, if your micro SD card is exFAT or NTFS format, you need format it to FAT32 and then the camera can support it and store recordings.

(1) If your camera is R2, R2E, R4, C2, FI9900P, FI9928P, FI9961EP, FI9900EP, FI9901EP and Z2,

You can format your micro SD card on Foscam app or browser directly by click the Format button.

On Foscam app,below is the step to format the micro SD card:

1. Insert the micro SD card into the camera;

2. Login the Foscam app and follow the below steps to format your micro SD card (make sure you add the camera firstly);



On PC browser,below is the steps to format the micro SD card to FAT32:


Note: If this page cannot show the space of your mirco SD card, it doesn’t matter,you can also format it by click the “Format” button.

(2) If your camera model is not included in the above (1) listing, please use the SD card format tool to format it to FAT32.

Foscam Micro SD card format tool--For Windows OS 

Click here to download the Micro SD card format tool for Windows PC.

(3)On MacOS, please refer to below steps to format the micro SD card:

1. Please open the “Disk Utility” software on Mac from LaunchPad or search it by ”disk utility” to open.



2. Please choose the micro SD card which was inserted to mac from the left listing options. In this example, the name of that it is UNTITLED whose size is 128GB and format is NTFS.


3. Please do right click on it and choose “Erase...”.


4. Then you will see below pop-up window and choose “Format” option.



5. Then please choose ”MS-DOS(FAT)”.


6. Then please choose ”Erase” and wait for the mac to finish it.


7. After Erasing, you will see the micro SD card has been formatted to “FAT32”. Now you can insert it to your Foscam camera.