Overview: This article will introduce the steps of login the Foscam cameras which have random password from web browser.

1. Some of Foscam cameras have the random password now, which means the default password is no longer the no password(blank).

Users can check the sticker of the camera. If there is no information about the username and password there, it means this camera has the random password.

2. With this kind of camera on hand, if the user wants to login it from the web browser, there is a need to use the new equipment search tool. 

This tool can be got from here.

3. After double clicking the IP address of the camera from that tool to open the login page of the camera with the web browser, the username and password of the camera has been input automatically. The user only needs to click on the button Login and follow the steps to set up new username and password. With the new username and password, the user can login the camera now.