Overview: This article will introduce the process to add a camera with 3rd party DDNS URL for remote access to the Foscam App.

Step1: Please follow the instruction here to set up the 3rd party DDNS remote access for the camera first.

Step2: Please log-in the Foscam app, click ‘+’ icon, then choose ‘Camera’ and ‘No QR code’.

Step3: Tap UID/DDNS/IP, choose DDNS and input the DDNS URL manually.

Step4: Input the camera username and password.
In Security Settings input the username and password of the camera being added.
Standby for up to two minutes for the camera to be added to the app.

Step5: Log-in to the camera to view the video feed.

Once the camera has been added click on the play button to login to the unit and view the video feed. If this is the first login or the camera has been recently reset to factory settings you may be prompted to enter a new password and username.