Multi-Device Settings

Multi-Device settings allow you to view up to 9 cameras simultaneously on one screen. If you have multiple cameras set up, even if they are not on the same network, they can all be viewed when set up correctly in Multi-Device Settings.

To navigate to the Multi-Device Settings page, in Internet Explorer, login and click on “For Administrator.” Once you are inside the administrative settings, on the left side of the screen, click “Multi-Device Settings.” On the configuration page, you will be able to see all the cameras currently connected to your Local Area Network (LAN).

The “1st Device” is the default device, which is the camera that you are currently logged into. To add any of the cameras that appear in the list, click the button that reads “The 2nd Device.” More options will appear underneath which include “Alias, Host, HTTP Port, User, and Password.”

Click the camera that you would like to add from the list, and the fields should automatically populate with the IP address, Alias, and HTTP port. Enter the username and password for that camera, and click “Add.” You can repeat this process for up to 9 cameras. If a camera is not located on the LAN, you can simply input its external IP address, port, username and password, and click “Add.”

NOTE: If you are using a DynDNS or other DNS forwarding service, enter the DNS address without using http:// before the URL. The camera will not detect the address if done this way. For example, our DNS address would need to be entered exactly as seen. We would not put “” as the Host. Instead we would put “Nannicam".

Don’t forget to click “Submit” when finished.