We here at Foscam understand that many people don’t have any experience with CCTV. This page was created to help those people understand and see for themselves what they can expect.

They say seeing is believing so here is list of live streaming Foscam cameras.

Solar power with a sim card internet connection.

This camera is powered using our entry level 50W 20Ah solar kit that can be used to power any of our 12V outdoor cameras. We have a microtek outdoor LTE router with a Telkom sim card in it for internet connectivity. Unlike many “Solar camera’s” sold online our system is designed to be always on, while the others only come on when they detect movement.

If you want 24/7 availability to be able to either view live, stream or record then its import to understand this as it affects the size of both the solar panel and battery pack you need.

Foscam 30W 20Ah solar kit