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With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to think of security!


Afraid of what might be lurking in or outside your home, then security IP Cameras are powerful deterrents to check unlawful activities and are widely used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. IP Security Cameras can provide vital clues to the police to identify and trace people involved in unlawful activities as well as you being able to track movements inside and outside your home/office.

Security cameras have come a long way in the last few years namely the affordability and they are now much more user friendly. Most of the cameras such as Foscam IP Cameras are plug and play which means you plug it in and scan the barcode with your smartphone to start your camera setup.

IP camera surveillance systems definitely are the way to go as the picture quality is excellent and you are able to view live footage from the palm of your hand via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Foscam IP Cameras have things such as alerts that can be setup on movement, once motion is detected you will receive an alert and snapshot of who or what it is to your smartphone giving you control of what is happening at your premises. This kind of security surveillance lets you have full control of your valuable and beloved ones when you are away from home, keeping you connected at all times.

Remote viewing - IP cameras are very different to the way the old cctv systems worked. They have created apps and interfaces that can help to view images easily on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

Infrared Vision - It is useless to have a surveillance system that does not show clear pictures in total darkness. Thus it is important that one keeps this in mind while choosing your security surveillance system with the best Infra -Red night vision.

NVR - If you are wanting 24-7 surveillance then a Network Video Recorder is the solution. It is not possible to view your home at all times but with a NVR you can have it set up to record all the time or only when motion is detected. You can then view what you have missed out on during that day or the week via your browser. If you are interested in adding a little security to your home especially during the holidays, then contact Foscam for any advise and quotations.

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