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Wireless IP cameras - FAQ


What is an IP camera?

An IP camera or ‘internet protocol’ camera is used in surveillance and can send real –time video footage to your smart device or web browser. This is done by means of connecting to a wireless network which sends the information.


Are IP cameras secure?

We are often asked if wifi cameras are safe. IP camera users will set the camera up with a user name and password. It is advisable to update the firmware on the camera and change passwords every few months. Manufacturers update firmware which helps to keep hackers from logging into the cameras. It is also upto the user to be vigilant with setting passwords and keeping them safe.


How much bandwidth do I need?

Nowadays IP camera technology has advanced and bandwidth consumption is minimal. High definition cameras compress in H.264 video format rendering very small files. For home use bandwidth requirements will be small and a normal connection should suffice. For more involved camera systems with multiple cameras recording in high definition, your bandwidth requirements will go up considerably.


How easy are wifi cameras to setup?

Is it easy to install an IP camera you ask? That depends on the individual. Foscam has brought out the “P” series of IP cameras and these are ‘plug and play’. That being said, instructions still need to be read and steps followed in order to get the camera up and working.

Setup is easy but for those that don’t know simple terminology like ‘router’ or battle to download apps onto their smart devices, setup could be a challenge. For larger setups it is advisable to get an expert in to quote and direct you as to what CCTV system requirements you may need.


What do I need to install?

Your camera purchase from Foscam will have everything you require to setup in the box namely the camera, power supply, instruction manual, antenna and arm. You will need to have a wireless network at the site where the camera will be setup.

Do I need to buy anything else?

Nope, the camera comes with everything you need in the box. You may want to purchase extension cables, an NVR and hard drive.


Why are IP cameras so expensive?

Security and surveillance is important in this day and age and the costs of installing a camera system far outweigh the costs if you are a victim of crime. IP or wifi cameras are amazing technology and easy to install. They provide a DIY solution and in some instances eliminate the costs involved laying cables and wiring as used in old analogue CCTV systems which are becoming.


How many users can access my CCTV wifi camera?

Multiple users can login to your wireless camera, as long as they have the app and secure login details.


What is the difference between CCTV and IP?

CCTV uses analogue cameras to transmit footage and record to a DVR. This technology has been around for a very long time whereas IP cameras are the modern up to date security camera.

IP cameras or wifi cameras as they are commonly referred to use ‘internet protocol’ cameras and send real time video footage through the internet. Recording is done to an NVR.


What is PoE?

PoE or power over Ethernet cameras use a PoE switch which sends power to the cameras and also sends the wifi signal by means of the same CAT5 cable. Foscam has a wide range of PoE cameras, and have a fantastic PoE camera set. Click on the link below for more info. This set is extremely well priced!


What is an NVR?

Often incorrectly referred to as a DVR, an NVR is a network video recorder and is a device used to record video footage to in conjunction with IP cameras. The NVR should be ONVIF compliant and can manage a predetermined number of cameras. Foscam offers a cheap 9 channel NVR which can accommodate 9 cameras.


Best IP Camera?

Voted the best outdoor camera, the FI9803P is easy to install and is a 1.0 megapixel high definition camera. Install the camera by scanning the QR barcode and using the Foscam app. The camera has IP66 weather proof rating making it an ideal camera for outside. Video footage can be stored on a hard drive or to Focam Cloud. A free trial version of the Foscam Cloud comes with the camera so that you can test it out before purchasing.


Cheapest IP Camera?

Currently the Foscam C1 Lite is on sale for only R850! Click on the link below to view.


To stand a chance to WIN one of our outdoor cameras, please tell us where you would use the camera and like and share our Facebook page! Competition closes on 15 December.

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