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The difference between CCTV and Wireless IP Cameras


Luckily we live in modern times where technology is constantly improving. As a result we now have the IP camera or wireless camera which has taken the place of the dated CCTV as we know it. IP cameras can range in cost from really cheap (and nasty), to extremely expensive (used in high end operations).

IP means ‘internet protocol’ and refers to cameras that can send or receive digital video data by means of a network. Wireless IP cameras still need to be plugged in for power, but the ‘wireless’ part refers to the fact that they can pickup a network wirelessly once configured. As far as picture quality goes, IP cameras will win hands down. Even the most basic IP camera would have superior image quality over old analogue cameras.

Analogue cameras will be able to manage the equivalent of less than half a megapixel.IP cameras have an extremely wide field of view meaning one IP camera can possibly do the work of 3 or 4 CCTV cameras.

Video analytics allows you to setup motion detection triggers. It is no longer necessary to trawl through reams of video footage.The old DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is now being replaced with an NVR (Network video recorder). This device allows you to record footage.

A network switch can be used to power numerous cameras and transmit the internet signal. A single wire will run from the switch to the NVR. This is far less labour intensive and means fewer cables need to run. Whereas traditional DVR’s need each camera to be connected directly to the device.

Setting up a new security system can be costly and confusing, given all of the different options now made available to you. But if you want to keep abreast with technology, the benefits of an IP camera system will far outweigh an analogue system. If you would like to purchase an IP camera, that is excellent quality and well priced, then logon to

Foscam has a wide range of indoor and outdoor cameras that are all reasonalby priced. Often they have an IP camera sale.

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