Some time ago I wrote about using the Foscam VMS software, at that time the new version was still in beta format and I promised a update when it went to a full production version, well as promised….

Before I get into the where to download it from and how to install it I want to talk about why.

Have you ever wanted to check your cameras from your laptop while at work or away from the home? Change a camera setting, again while not at home? Well now you can.

It collapses a whole bunch of separate tools and process into one neat application. It’s the only desktop tool you need to connect, setup, configure and manage your cameras. In the past we used all if not most of the tools below:

  •          Equipment Search Tool
  •          Plugin for HD cameras
  •          A web browser

Using the VMS software means we don’t have to download these different tools or rely on a compatible web browser. 

The software can:

  •          find your connected cameras on the LAN,
  •          connect a new Wi-Fi only camera to your network,
  •          do all the setup settings you want,
  •          view the live steam (even when you’re not on your local network, like your phone app but on steroids)
  •          play back your recoded footage, no matter if it is a NVR or just a camera using a SD card or cloud storage.
  •          act as NVR.

Key Features

  •          Powerful functions for multiple live views, real-time 36 channel live viewing
  •          Supports P2P/LAN/manual adding of devices
  •          Supports auto-adaption of the stream type of previewed video
  •          Supports surveillance window patrol automatically
  •          Web-based configuration page embedded in the client for all functions
  •          Intelligent Pan/Tilt camera control
  •          Supports Preset Positions
  •          Supports playback of recording files
  •          Supports multiple paths for saving the video
  •          Supports Log Management
  •          Motion detection alert via email or uploading an image to FTP
  •          Multi-level user management with password protection
  •          Supports setting connected devices
  •          Its available for Windows 32 and 64 bit and Mac OS

Hopefully your now interested enough to want to download and try the software for yourself.  First off, are you a Mac user or Windows? 

If windows first determine if you have a 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows and then download from the links below.

Here are the links.

Mac Software

or alternatively open the app store on you MAC and search for “Foscam VMS”.



Software 32 bit DOWNLOAD

Software 64 bit DOWNLOAD

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Comments (2)

    • Davis
    • 2022-01-30 00:11:20
    Hello, great writeup! I have installed the VMS software and have 7 IP Cameras working with it, and I've raised a question: Should I use the "Local Recording" feature of VMS, or should I use FTP? What are the pros and cons of either? I'm using the built-in functionality of my VPN to connect to the cameras via my phone, so no need for a cloud account. Thanks! Dan
    • The Foscam Team
    • 2022-01-30 13:44:19
    Hi Dan As you mentioned they each have their own pros and cons. FTP: Good for keeping offsite recordings, works even better if you multiple cameras at different sites. The down side is there is no easy way to scan through the recordings. Infact a client recently messaged me that he has a nifty solution to cloud back up. he upload the pics or recordings on a schedule to an ftp server and then sync’s that to google drive using an free online back up solution Local: I like to point my recordings to a separate drive, either a internal, a USB 3 drive or a mapped network drive. Its easy to use the VMS to playback the recordings. The mapped drive could also be part of your own cloud solution like dropbox. That way you also have a offsite copy. This is my default route if I don’t have a NVR. SD Card: This works great when you want to keep traffic off your network or have limited internet bandwidth. You can access the recordings from the VMS or phone app. I recommend this if you have remote camera on a GSM or LTE prepaid solution. But the bottom line for me while the VMS is not a fully fledged professional system it is free and I love the ability to just sign in with my Foscam email and password and be able to access and manage all my cameras no matter where they are without having to setup port forwarding, etc as we had to in the past. It’s a great tool when used correctly. For a professional piece of software I always recommend Blue Iris, Home - Blue Iris Software found at It also has a phone app that gives you remote access to all the recordings as well as live streaming. If you have a large number of cameras you may want to look at this, also a large number of plugins are available. In our complex I use this along with LPR (Licence plat recognition) to keep a record of the cars that enter and exit our complex. Hope this helps.