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Foscam South Africa launches its first 4.0 megapixel outdoor camera!


Not only has the picture quality improved, but the advanced WDR 2.0 technology used in making these cameras means that in poorly lit conditions - either too bright or too dark, the camera uses technology that still enables it to capture images in detail. A wide range of lighting conditions can be conquered using the Foscam FI9901EP.  For those of you wondering what WDR stands for, it implies Wide Dynamic Range.

The FI9901EP is capable of zooming in 6x. Ensure your business or home is completely secure and there is no deterioration in image quality.

PoE technology means this camera can be powered by Ethernet cable. This camera works well in conjunction with the Foscam Waterproof Junction Box (FAB99). Only a small drilling hole is required to push the cables through, which minimises any damage to your home.

Night time is when criminal activity often happens. With clear night vision to deter criminals and
cutting-edge technology the FI9901EP allows you to see clearly in complete darkness. Effectively deter criminals and have 24/7 peace of mind. The infra-red range allows you to see upto 20 metres at night time and even further during the day.

The FI9901EP is IP66-rated with a waterproof aluminium housing specially designed to ensure protection against all types of weather conditions.

A built-in sensor can detect movement automatically. If motion is detected, then real-time alerts will be pushed to your email, FTP or mobile App.

The Foscam FI9901EP is fast becoming one of our most popular cameras. Aside from the fantastic picture, it currently has a fantastic price of only R2325.

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