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Foscam Launches New FN7108HE PoE NVR


Foscam is a leading DIY IP security video (cctv) solution that is known for its quality and ease of use enabling the average person to secure their home or business without having to resort to costly instillation service providers and as such, Foscam South Africa are excited to release their new and enhanced 8 channel PoE(power over Ethernet) NVR all in one unit to extend their range of products. A NVR is the heart of many bigger surveillance systems and this new high definition network video recorder (NVR) can support up to 8 high definition IP security cameras, both WiFi and PoE cameras.


The FN7108HE is also able to support 3rd party ONVIF cameras both regular and PoE.


Where this NVR shines is its ease of use and setup from adding your cameras to remote viewing offsite. This recorder is easy to install, just connect your cameras directly to the back of the NVR with any Foscam PoE enabled camera, no need for a separate PoE switch or injectors. It will also support Foscam WiFi security cameras on your WiFi network by way of the built in Lan port.

The ability to playback video footage on 4 channels simultaneously lets you go back to different days, hours or minutes, enabling you quickly scan 4 cameras at a time thus saving you time to find that footage you need.


The FN7108HE NVR PoE is able to record 24/7 or you can setup a suitable schedule based on motion detection so as you never miss out on the action. The new NVR/PoE is able to accommodate up to 4 TB surveillance hard drive. At Foscam South Africa we always recommend the WD Purple drive for quality recording. Please note that the hard drive is not included.


When buying Foscam IP security cameras for surveillance it is always a good idea to also be able to record what your cameras are seeing and now with this all in one unit you can. It supports HD video streams, built-in POE and you can connect your existing traditional wired cameras as well as your WiFi cameras. True 1080P full Hd Image provides important details such as facial features which you can store and replay when needed.


For more information or technical advise please contact us at Foscam and one of our helpful team will gladly assist you.



011 465-9173

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