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Fosbaby P1.... view your baby no matter where you are!

Fosbaby P1.... view your baby no matter where you are!


The camera is aesthetically pleasing and comes in either a pastel blue shade for boys or pale pink for girls. The monitor has a number of features and is easily setup with your wireless network by means of scanning a QR code supplied on the camera. After entering your account details the camera will be ready for use!

The remote pan and tilt feature means that by means of an app on your smart device you can easily rotate the camera to pan around a room 320 degrees or tilt it 100 degrees. It will be easy to see your baby even in the dark as the camera has hidden infra red lights. Your baby will not be disturbed by any bright lights in the process.

Using the cameras magic zoom, you will be able to zoom in 6x to see more closely what is going on. Record memorable moments to an SD card for later playback.

The camera is high definition 1.0 megapixels and has fantastic resolution and is crystal clear. Receive notifications of the temperature and humidity in your babies room by means of a built in thermometer as well as movement or sound changes.

Fosbaby also acts as a night light and gives your babies room a lovely soft glow. Play soothing lullabies to your baby to sooth it off to sleep with the Fosbaby.

The Fosbaby is available for only R2200.

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