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Farm Security Camera Systems — How to Choose the Best One


Take these factors into consideration when choosing the correct security camera for your farm:

1. PoE IP Security Cameras — Wired Farm Security Cameras

PoE or wired cameras can be installed for farm surveillance. For DIY enthusiasts the new PoE Kit available at Foscam is easy to install and contains all the necessary components required for your install. PoE cameras are managed by a PoE switch which conducts both power and internet signal. The cameras are connected to the switch using CAT5 cable which can extend upto 100 metres. To view the PoE Kit, please click on the link below.

2. Wireless or WiFi IP Cameras for farm security

If your keen on going the wireless route, and have a good internet signal, then you should take a look at our F19900P or the F19828P PTZ. Both of these cameras need are a power supply and be able to connect to a wireless network. We also sell range extenders that will extend the range of your wireless network by up to 2km - 5km.

A modern CCTV security system or IP security camera system can send you a snapshot via email or to your Foscam app of who or what is moving upon motion detection. If you want to record video footage, an NVR (network video recorder) will also be able to continuously record events.

Both camera systems whether you use PoE or WiFi security camera systems will be able to offer you surveillance on your farms all year round, day or night.

You can view live video feed on your smartphone or by means of your internet browser. Some IP cameras have the option to take an SD card to record footage to. However, for continuous recording or for long durations of time, an NVR or Network Video Recorder is a better option. Micro SD cards are limited by their capacity whereas an NVR can record multiple cameras to large hard disc drive.

Consideration should be taken when choosing a camera as far as the image quality. All Foscam IP cameras are high definition and vary from 1.0 megapixel upwards. Determine if you want a static camera or one that you have to manually pan and tilt. The range you wish to see at night time is also important as indoor cameras can only see upto 8 metres whereas the outdoor cameras can see upto 30 metres.

IP66 rating ensures that the cameras can withstand extreme weather conditions. All Foscam outdoor cameras are IP66 so come rain or shine, the cameras will be fine.

For an extensive camera range, go online and purchase your security camera wherever you live in South Africa. Foscam has the best priced cameras and best quality guaranteed! We courier door to door!

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