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A off grid Pole mount Solar System for Foscam IP Cameras. 

These pole-mounted solar power kits are the perfect solution to your remote power needs for deploying a remote camera. 

Each kit includes a solar panel, a controller, a side-of-pole mount, and included cables.  Additional options include solar panel upgrade, batteries, choice between 12V only or 12v and 24V.

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Solar System for Foscam QHD IP Cameras

System parameters: To power 1 x 12V outdoor Foscam camera; 1 x Router TP-Link MR3020 (GSM dongle (USB) by customer); 1 x 12Ah CS Gel battery; Run (dark) time – 12hours



Pole mount for solar panel: Aluminium alloy brackets with stainless steel hardware

Setting angle: 45° for capturing the correct angle for the sun

Mounting pole (for combination of solar panels and battery/control box): recommended minimum - 75mm x 3mm steel for 3metre above ground

NOTE: POLE is NOT INCLUDED and dimension are only a guideline. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that correct erection procedure for the pole is followed.

Wind load: 80Kkm/Hr

Hail loading: 1.1Kn/m ²

Assembled weight (includes 1 x 30W panels): 5kg

Attention: Edges may be sharp

Solar panel mount set comes with: 1 upper bracket, 1 lower bracket, 2 x U-bolts (straps), 2 x M6 hex-head bolts, 4 x washers, 2 x M6 nyloc nuts, 2 x M6 hex-head bolts for solar panel, 4 x flat washers for solar panel, 2 x nyloc nuts for solar panel.


Installation: To the greatest extent possible, the installation site should allow unshaded exposure to the sun throughout daylight hours.


SPECIFICATIONS – Control and Battery Cabinet

Cabinet: Polyester / Polycarb 300 x 250 x 130mm

Pole mount bracket: U-clamp / strap top and bottom

Batteries: 1 x 12V12 (12Ah)

Solar Charge Controller: 10A

Camera Voltage Protector: 2A

TP-Link Router (GSM USB type GSM dongle – supplied by customer)

Power Connectors for: Camera; Router; Solar panels

Total Weight of control and battery cabinet: 8kg

Cabinet mounting set comes with:

1 upper bracket, 1 lower bracket, 2 x U-bolts (straps),

4 x M6 hex-head bolts, 8 x washers, 4 x M6 nyloc nuts

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